I’ve finished Chapter 7. I’m unsure about whether I should finish it or not, but there it is.

Who knows if we’ll ever see the Lycan again?


P1C7: Continued


Wrote a slight bit more on Chapter 7.

Not much more to say really.

P1C7: Started


Well, I’ve begun work on Chapter 7. Sorry, I’ve been kept up by coursework and the like lately, and haven’t had much time to work on the story. Especially with all my latest projects going on, like my games programming, etc.

Tell me what you think of it.

And yes, this chapter is in the perspective of the Lycan.

P1C6: Finished


Chapter 6 is now officially finished, and I shall start work soon on Chapter 7.

I’m thinking of doing some artwork for the story soon. Depends what mood I’m in really.

The sixth chapter is almost finished now, I’ll be finishing writing it up soon, don’t worry.

Not that anyone would worry, but whatever, heh.

Chapter 3 is now done. I know I said I’d do it last night, but I got caught up with other stuff, so I’ve done it this morning instead.

Not that anyone reads them anyway, right?

The second chapter has been fully rewritten. I’ll get to doing the rest later on tonight hopefully.